Peter Adekunle Oluwafemi, Sunday Adeagbo


The study examined marketing research and feasibility study skills required for effective entrepreneurship development. The study adopted the survey design and was guided by three research questions and three null hypotheses. The population comprised entrepreneurs in Oyo State out of which 120 entrepreneurs were selected for the study. The instrument for data collection was a structured
questionnaire with four response options. Mean and standard deviation were used to analyze data relating to the research questions while t-test statistic was used to test the hypotheses. Results showed that environmental feasibility study skills, marketing research skills and technical feasibility study skills were much needed and very much needed respectively for effective entrepreneurial development. Consequently, the study recommended among other things that students under training should be guided to conduct good marketing research and feasibility study of a choice business for adequate exposure to the business world; the technical feasibility study skills should be inculcated in the learners so that they can keep abreast of the present globalization system.

Key words: Marketing Research Skill, Environmental Feasibility Study Skills, Technical Feasibility Skills, Entrepreneurship Development

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