Nonye Azih, Nnenna Faith Ama


The study ascertained the system operating skills required by Office Technology and Management (OTM) lecturers in Polytechnics in South East Nigeria for effective implementation of OTM curriculum. One research question guided the study and one null hypothesis was tested at 0.05 level of significance. In carrying out this investigation, a survey design was used. The population comprised 90 OTM lecturers in the Polytechnics in the geographical zone. The entire population was studied because it was manageable. A four point scale structured questionnaire with 23 items was used. The data collected were analysed using mean statistics and standard deviation for the research questions and t-test for the hypothesis. The result showed that OTM lecturers in Polytechnics in South East Nigeria required ICT skills for the use of basic computer system operating software in order to effectively implement OTM curriculum and that years of experience had significant influence on the ICT skills required by lecturers for the use of basic computer operating system software for implementation of OTM curriculum. Based on the findings of the study, it was concluded that acquisition of adequate ICT skills will enable lecturers achieve the educational goal of OTM curriculum. Therefore the study recommended among others, that team teaching should be encouraged in the implementation of OTM curriculum; government and management of the Polytechnics should organize impact programmes that will help bridge the gap between the training skills in Secretarial Studies and that of OTM; OTM lecturers should embark on self development to enable them get abreast with required ICT skills; and that professional development programmes for lecturers should provide technology-rich experiences in all aspects of learning.


Keywords: Curriculum, Implementation, Skill, Technology, Telecommunication, Operating System. Office Management.

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