L.F. Ademiluyi, A. O. Olatoye


The focus of this study was to determine the effect of application of computer-based office technologies on commercial banking operations in Osun State rural areas. Sixty managers and 120 supervisors were randomly sampled as respondents from population of 162 managers and 324 supervisors of these banks. Data collected by means of a seventeen - item questionnaire were analyzed using, mean scores and standarddeviations to answer the three research questions. T - test statistic was employed to test the null hypothesis at 05 level of significance. The findings revealed that computer - based office technologies have enhanced current and savings account operations; improved the handling of payments and withdrawals and facilitated the cleaning house operations of commercial banks. However, the statement of accounts production and electronic money transactions were still lowly enhanced in the rural areas. Conclusion was drawn and recommendations were made to the effect that the computerization of banking operations should be intensified in the rural areas and that banking staffers should be retrained for greater efficiency in ICT operations.


Key words: computer-based office technologies, banking operations, rural areas, Osun State.

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