L.A. Enyi


The rising level of poverty has been blamed for securities challenges confronting Nigeria today. As such, this paper emphasizes the potentials benefits of harnessing resources in Business Education. To achieve this, the paper looks at the related concepts as the context permits. The paper affirms the capability of Business Education in curbing poverty and crimes by rolling out how such is possible or achievable. In order to strengthen the capacity of Business Education in curbing poverty /crimes, the paper profiles ways or approaches to reposition it towards attaining the targeted potentials. The paper concludes that harnessing the potentials in Business Education as well as encourages allocation of adequate resources and administration of all-inclusive reform to equip people with skills to be self reliant, will in turn reduce poverty and crimes and engender sustainable development of Nigeria economy. Recommendations were made that the government should through its agencies sufficiently empower graduates of Business Education at all levels and also diligently mentor and monitor their activities to ensure their sustenance and active contribution to nation building as well as poverty/crimes reduction

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