F.O. Nwokike, E.P. Ugwunwoti


An e-business competency required by university business education students for management of small scale business was carried out in Enugu State. The researchers adopted survey research design. The population comprised 292 bank supervisors made up of 198 male and 94 female in the 73 commercial bank branches in Enugu metropolis. The entire population was utilized for the study, therefore, no sample was drawn. The instrument used for data collection was a structured questionnaire of 21 items. The instrument was validated by three experts. Out of 292 copies of the questionnaire distributed, 281 were properly filled and returned representing 92.3% return rate. Data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation while t.test was used to test hypotheses at .05 level of significance. The result of the analysis showed that university business education students require e-banking and e-accounting competencies for management of small scale business. Based on the findings of the study, the researchers recommended that e-banking and e-accounting should be incorporated into the business education curriculum and also, business educators should train and re-train themselves on e-business competencies.

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