N.S. Ezeani, L.Y. Oludele



With numerous digital technologies being introduced into contemporary office management, and the changing business environment, achieving efficiency in office operations will require digital competencies.  This study surveyed the digital competencies of secretarial personnel in Osun State Polytechnic, Iree and examined the correlation between the competencies and the personnel’s efficiency. The study adopted descriptive research design.  The population of the study consisted forty-eight (48) secretarial personnel in Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. The study used total enumeration. Four research questions and one hypothesis guided the study. Questionnaire was used for data collection, and the data collected were analyzed using simple mean to answer the research questions while the hypothesis was tested using Pearson Product Moment Correlation Co-efficient with the aid of SPSS. The analysis revealed that the secretarial personnel do not possess digital document management and digital meeting management competencies. It was however revealed that the personnel possess digital communication competencies.  The analysis also showed that the secretarial personnel are generally slightly efficient in performing duties relating to digital technology.  The hypothesis tested revealed digital document management and digital communication competencies both have moderate positive correlation with efficiency of the personnel. The study concluded that digital competencies generally have positive moderate correlation with the efficiency of the secretarial personnel in Osun State Polytechnic. The study recommended that management of the institution should continuously provide training and retraining opportunities on the digital technologies for secretarial personnel as these technologies keep evolving.


Keywords: Digital competencies, Secretarial personnel, efficiency

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