Dr. Abiola Olufunke Ezeonwurie


The study assessed enhancing business education graduate in Kano State for employability through entrepreneurship skill acquisition. The population comprised 54 respondents made up of 31 OTM lecturers from Federal College of Education (Technical) Bichi and 23 OTM lecturers from Federal College of Education, Kano.  All the respondents were used for the study because of the small number of the population involved.  The instrument for data collection is a 4- point rating scale of Very Highly Required (4 points), Highly Required (3 point), Moderately Required (2 points) and Not Required (1 point).  Mean and standard deviation were used to analyse the data generated from the answer to the research questions, while z-test was used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significant. The findings of the study showed that the respondents agreed that all the entrepreneurial skill items were all higher required in enhancing employability of business education graduates. The study was concluded that the entrepreneurship skills in the study could serve both as operational guidelines for those in the business as well as training package for new entrants. It was also recommended amongst others that business education graduates must be exposed to various entrepreneurship skill areas and endeavour to equip themselves with all the skills for them to create, and maintain their customers’ needs


Key Words:  Entrepreneurship, Skill Acquisition, Employability, Business Education

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