Ado Gude Garba


The study investigated teaching strategies considered suitable for enhancing skill acquisition among Office Technology and Management (OTM) Students in Kano State Polytechnic. Two research questions guided the study and one null hypothesis was tested at 0.05 level of significance. The population and sample of the study was 23 lecturers of OTM. A 5- point structured questionnaire, duly validated by two experts in business education was used for data collection. The reliability of the instrument was ensured using test-retest which yielded co-efficient value of 0.81. Data collected were analysed using mean and standard deviation to answer the research questions and determine the homogeneity of the respondents’ responses. T-test was used to test the hypothesis. Findings revealed that teacher-centered teaching strategy was moderately suitable for enhancing skill acquisition among OTM students. Whereas, students centered teaching strategy was seen to be suitable for the same purpose. The paper concluded that students’ centered-teaching method was preferred for enhancing skill acquisition among OTM students in Kano State Polytechnic. The paper recommended, among others, that OTM lecturers should strategically select and use appropriate teaching strategy to enhance students’ skills.


Keywords:  Strategy, Suitable, Skill acquisition, Office Technology and Management


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